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Update on Hospice

Hi All. Apologizing again for the totally selfish turn this week to me and my family's needs. I promise I'll be back to posting some art business content next week.

So Dad had his 93rd birthday this week, about a week after he stopped eating altogether. The doctor told us to back off on trying to force him to eat, and it was clear that his body was rejecting pretty much everything he was trying to consume. The doctor recommended Hospice, and they came in like a whirlwind. I'm very appreciative, and we're greatly in need of their service, but man, with virtually no communication, they descended on Dad with Nurses, Social Workers, medical supply deliveries, and a guy showed up after 9pm, woke Mom and Dad up, to hand them some medications. But the dust has settled a bit, and a lovely woman came by and helped Dad get all bathed and shaved. He hasn't looked this good in quite a while. He has lost another 8 pounds in just over a week, which brings him to a total loss of over 40 pounds in the last year.

The Hospice folks suggested that Mom go on the service too, but the doctor thought, quite rightly, that she has no terminal condition, so Hospice is not the right answer for her. He's recommending Home Health Care, and I'm not exactly sure what all is included in that service. Mostly I'm concerned that as Dad gets weaker and weaker, Mom won't have any care during the day when we're at work. So hopefully this week we'll get a better understanding of what that will mean.

We started the group art show at Silver Street Studios today, and that show will be up all summer. In the past, I've always made sales from these exhibitions, but who knows what the attendance will be like. I'm not sure if people are going to want to head out to public spaces just yet. We will be offering a virtual version of the show, so I'll post that information as it gets organized a bit more.

I did a lot of work this weekend, since I was largely stranded at home waiting for Hospice workers, online doctor interviews with Mom, and the delivery of a new fridge. Nice to know I can still get things done, even when so distracted.

Have a great weekend, and I'll talk to you guys next week... and thanks for your patience during this weird time for me.

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