John Bishop is a painter and illustrator currently working in Houston, Texas. Though born in Houston, he has spent most of his life traveling. John obtained his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Texas, and he has been involved in photography, creative writing and fine art ever since college. Though he spent 30 years working as a librarian in Texas, New Mexico, California, Romania, The Emirates, New Zealand, and Russia, John returned to Houston in 2016 where he and his husband now work full-time on their creative business in fine art, publishing, video production and commercial photography.

Artist Statement

My art attempts to connect, to bind disparate elements together into new vocabularies, new stories, that are both fresh and archetypal at the same time.  I paint, photograph, and write about what I feel, not so much what I see.  Don't look to my art for history, but rather for a glimpse into my own emotion, my own symbols, my own stories.  Hopefully, you will recognize your story there too, and my art can become your art as well.



  • Panelist: "Human Conversations: Art to the Rescue! International Institute of Humanology. 8/14/2020.

  • Residency Program: Proyectos de Residencia.  A residency program in Mexico City, Mexico.

  • New Reality: Silver Street Studios in Houston, TX  06/06/2020 - 11/30/2020. Group Show.

  • Collective Consciousness, Silver Street Studios in Houston, TX  11/22/2019 - 02/08/2020.  Group Show.



  • Boundless, Sabine Street Studios in Houston, TX.   01/25/2019 - 03/23/2019.  Group Show.

  • Gathered, Silver Street Studios in Houston, TX.  06/06/2019 - 08/17/2019.  Group Show.

  • Conversations on Culture.  Sabine Street Studios in Houston, TX.  06/21/2019 - 08/10/2019. Group Show

  • Come Together. Winter Street Studios in Houston, TX. 08/03/2019 - 10/12/2019. Group Show. 

  • Bean Punk Invitational in Conroe, TX.  09/01/2019 - 09/30/2019.  Solo Show.

  • Art For Hope Invitational in Houston, TX.  11/01/2019 - 12/07/2019.  Fundraising Curated Group Show.

  • Collective Consciousness, Silver Street Studios in Houston, TX.  11/22/2019 - 02/08/2020.  Group Show.