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Panca Marga
Legacy Series Launched in July 2021


John Bishop Fine Art presents the first installment of twenty abstract paintings in his legacy series, Panca  Marga.  The collection will be released in five sets of twenty works each, every five years, over the next two decades. The series will span John’s entire professional art career with a total of one hundred paintings, culminating when the artist reaches 80 years of age. 


Panca Marga is a Buddhist concept recognizing that when seekers believe they have reached the end of their quest for perfection, there still remain five roads they must traverse.  

At 61, John sees a parallel in his artistic career to  that religious teaching.  Though he has been involved in art for many years, he has only dedicated himself as a professional artist since 2015, when he returned to the USA after many years abroad.  He has created 20 works of varying sizes, highly collectable, on both paper and canvas, that reflect where he is today in his art practice.

The abstract expressionist works show a great deal of movement, texture, and layered complexity that suggest the long and varied path the artist has travelled.  The scattered memories, histories, and experiences of his life are calmed by the use of pastels, blues and greens to create an overlay of calm, order, and contentment.  These are happy paintings, and reflect a bespoke collection of acrylic abstracts like no other in his archive.  The pieces are bold and exciting, and use as their inspiration the first of the five paths mentioned above, the Path of Accumulation. The next installment in the Panca Marga series is the Path of Meditation, and will be released in 2025.


John, a native Houstonian, has spent much of his life traveling.  He graduated from St. Thomas University in Houston, did graduate work at the University of Houston, and obtained his Master’s degree from the University of Texas in Austin.  He and his husband now work full-time on their creative careers based at Silver Street Studios in Sawyer Yards.


This collection is but one part of my fine arts painter portfolio.  If you would like to see the unsold pieces available in this series, stop by Silver Street Studios, Studio 108, 2000 Edwards Street, Houston, TX, 77007.


Contact: John Bishop,, 936 668-0029.

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