Legacy Series Launch in July 2021

The Panca Marga legacy series of 20 abstract paintings will launch in July, 2021 at Silver Street Studios in Houston, Texas.

The series will represent special, collectable work representing the span of my painting career.  Every 5 years, for a period of 20 years, I will release 20 additional paintings in the Panca Marga series.  Inspired by the Buddhist concept of the Fivefold Path, the series is designed to highlight my growth as an artist, and chronicle my own creative journey.  

Over the next 20 years, I will create 100 special paintings, 20 pieces every 5 years, until I reach the age of 80.  While I cannot guarantee that I will survive to that age, the whole idea of Panca Marga is the journey, not the destination.

This July I will unveil the first installment in the series, so this is the perfect opportunity to start collecting the work of an emerging artist who has committed to stay the course, and provide you with the rare opportunity to invest not only in a valuable collection, but also in the artist himself.

Panca Marga 1.png