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You Find the Coolest People

In our mad quest to find opportunities to make a living while basically in lock-down mode over the coronavirus pandemic, we are encountering so many people out there who are rising up to help the rest of us find our way. One of our new heroes is photographer Andy Adams, the editor of Flak Photo newsletter (@flackphoto). While Andy has been a tireless advocate for the arts long before social distancing ever became "a thing", he appears to be ramping up his efforts in an amazing way during this crisis. He also runs a daily photo blog six days a week featuring the work of other photographers.

Andy is also the Digital Director at Outrider Foundation, an educational media group, and he is a bit of a pioneer in the creating of online art exhibitions. With the massive closures of all art venues around the country, we are all wondering how we can get our work out there to be seen. It's people like Andy, those tireless, creative, altruistic people, who move us all forward. I've never met him, but I admire the crap out of him so far.

Among all the other things he does, he is the editor of Flak Photo Projects, promoting photography in general, and Flak Photo Network, an online community focused on conversations about visual/media culture. He runs this service at his own expense. If you'd like to help Andy out with some of these expenses, drop a donation at I know he would appreciate the support.

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