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How To Use Meditation for Success in Your Art Career

I feel like I will have to tiptoe around this topic, because I suspect that there are loads of people out there who have super strong opinions on using meditation. That's great, I love the idea of writing about issues that mean a lot to people. So with the understanding that I would never want to rock the boat, let's dive right in.

Does meditation really work? The only honest answer to that question is a resounding yes. It really does. There is little wonder why spiritual traditions have honored and developed meditative practices for centuries. It works. But apart from religious and spiritual goals, meditation still has a transformative effect. And that's why it can be such a useful tool for anyone in a creative field or business.

Now, the problem comes when we try to apply meditation to all sorts of scientific, religious, spiritual and psychic disciplines. We're never all going to agree on the truth claims of each of these realms, but the beautiful thing is, we don't have to all agree. Meditation works pretty much in every application in which it is used. So please do meditate if you seek to reach higher religious understandings. Meditate to focus your mind, or to clear your mind, or to heal your mind. Meditation is effective, with or without a spiritual goal.

So if you are not religious, does meditation still bring health and happiness? Absolutely. There have been all sorts of medical studies that show that there are definite physical and psychological benefits to the use of meditation, regardless of why a person is meditating. Meditation can clear the mind, bring happiness, spark creativity and improve health. It can improve performance, help manage pain, help with sleep, reduce blood pressure and anxiety, balance emotion, and bring clarity to thinking. Magnetic imaging scans show that meditation actually changes the way our brains function.

There has been a lot of talk about using meditation for visualization and mindfulness. And while I am skeptical about the law of vibrational attraction, I do see a lot of evidence that visualization can be very useful in clarifying goals, in motivation, and enhanced performance. Mindfulness is the act of turning one's thoughts to focus on the moment. That can mean the calming effect of concentrating on one's breathing, cutting through the mind's clutter, or focusing on a specific goal or desired outcome.

I have practiced meditation for years, both within a religious framework, and without. I know it has been a very meaningful part of my interior life. But you need not have a lot of training or experience with meditation to reap the benefits. Research indicates that one can start to see real changes after a very short period of time.

So pick a time, sit quietly and comfortably, and give it a try. If you don't have a spiritual format for meditation, simply clear your mind, and concentrate on your breathing. There are loads of videos out there to help you with a guided meditation if that seems more comfortable, or you can just imagine yourself as a successful creative business person. See yourself attaining your goals, imagine yourself overcoming some obstacle, and allow yourself to be that person for a moment. However you frame it, spend some time in the quiet of your mind, and you'll start to see how effective and transformative meditation can be.

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