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How to Follow Your Dream

Joseph Campbell used to say that if you follow your bliss in life, the universe seems to pitch in to open doors, where you didn't know a door would be. Now I'm not sure how accurately that statement could be measured, but I certainly agree with the concept. There is something remarkably powerful about someone who is doing exactly and precisely what they love doing. Whatever that may be.

I'm not talking about zealots, who march blindly and dogmatically to their own drum, usually over the bodies of others. Those people are awful. I mean the people who have found their passion, and are able to dedicate all of their energy, all of their love, and all of their talents to that pursuit. That's not a negative or divisive act, but rather one that welcomes others, loves teaching and sharing, and is happy.

I guess the trick though is figuring out what your bliss is. Do you know? We have been so programed throughout our lives to give up on our dreams, to temper our enthusiasm, and to fear failure. No wonder it's a bit hard for us to quickly name and delineate what our dream life would be. We're not supposed to be deliriously happy. We're not supposed to dream too big. Dreamers are looked down upon.

So how do we begin to open those mysterious doors? How do we unleash the potential we've been denying? I'm afraid that will have to be a bit of a journey. But don't let that dissuade you. The journey is what makes it amazing, and fulfilling. That's where you earn your credentials as a creative, through that journey of self-discovery. I don't make a decision to follow my bliss, I uncover a pathway. But it's my bliss that guides my decisions about every turn and every fork along that road.

A couple of weeks ago, I suggested that each of us should pick five people we admire in our field. From that list of heroes, we were able to extract five qualities that formulate our own path to success. Mine were determination, fearlessness, skill, authenticity, and fame. I think for me, those five qualities form the roadmap to my bliss.

If you are on the pathway to your bliss, let's be honest, you pretty well know it. So if you're not on that track, what is stopping you? Fear of failure, fear of looking foolish, fear of being judged by others? Are you actually afraid that you might succeed, and that would mean leaving the security and stability you have come to enjoy?

In yesterday's blog, I revealed that I had been given powers by a social distancing Leprechaun to grant 5 wishes. The first was to give you permission to be whoever you wanted to be in life. I'm assuming that's been working out well for you, and so we can move on to grant the second wish. Somewhat related to the first, the second spell I will cast is to give you permission to do anything you like. Hopefully that won't get you arrested, but the sentiment is a good one. If you allow yourself to be anything you dream, then surely you must also allow yourself to live your best life, to follow your bliss.

So with a wave of my wand, you're free. Start again today to be and to do whatever it takes to make your life amazing.

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