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Terms of Use

Any user of this site must first agree to the terms and conditions of this document before using this site in any manor other than viewing products. To buy and/or sell products, all users must first agree to these terms of use. By entering this site the user agrees to follow the terms outlined and realize that by using any portion of the site the user is legally bound by these terms.

John Bishop Fine Art is an online venue which allows the buying and selling of fine art originals and prints.  John Bishop Fine Art provides a website only, where buyers can interact for the sole purpose of purchasing and selling fine art originals and prints.  

Interactions between buyers and John Bishop Fine Art are binding and must follow all local, national and international laws.


John Bishop Fine Art provides a marketplace venue to display and sell fine art and art reproductions.  We agree agree to not list the following:

  1. Artworks which are not created by John Bishop. 

  2. Hazardous or dangerous materials such as chemicals and/or weapons

  3. Mature or adult materials; All listed products must be family friendly and safe for work

  4. Any illegal or stolen goods

  5. Any item that is against the law

  6. Any item that you John Bishop does not have rights to.  

  7. Unaltered vintage items; vintage items will only be allowed if they are altered, transformed, or incorporated into new and unique creations

By listing products for sale, John Bishop Fine Art agrees that the item is available for sale and will be shipped out within 1 week unless other arrangements have been made between the buyer and seller.  John Bishop Fine Art agrees to provide the highest level of customer service possible.  By listing an item for sale the seller is acknowledging that the product is as described and/or pictured, and acknowledges that the description and/or picture clearly represent to the buyer the characteristics of such product in order to create a clear understanding of the product.

All transactions between customers and John Bishop Fine Art are legally binding and are the sole responsibility of both parties to honor such contract.  John Bishop Fine Art only allows transactions to take place on secure sites that are set up to handle the exchange of monies. 

All users of this site acknowledge that they are using the site of their own free will.  Disputes will be handled by the parties involved directly.  If there is a dispute that ends up in court, the dispute will be governed by the laws of the State of Texas. Any claim that does arise will be limited to the dollar amount of the original item that is in dispute and will be settled between John Bishop Fine Art and the customer involved.

John Bishop Fine Art, a subsidiary of Buburuza Productions, LLC, is the sole owner of all aspects of this site including but not limited to Domain Names, Sub-Domains, themes, URL's and reserves the right to change any aspect of the site at any time without advanced notice. Where John Bishop Fine Art is mentioned in this agreement it is understood that Buburuza Productions, LLC will be covered by this agreement as well.

Thank you for choosing to use this site and following the Terms of Service,

John Bishop Fine Art

Returns Policy

Within 45 days of receiving your order, you can return any art purchased on Art for a full refund. We will cover all shipping and handling costs for valid returns of art that, in our sole discretion, are damaged, defective, or otherwise non-conforming upon delivery to you. You will be responsible for all shipping and handling costs for returns of art that are not, in our sole discretion, defective, damaged, or otherwise non-conforming. Your refund will be credited back to the original payment method you used to purchase your art. We will not refund you for returns received by us after 45 days from receipt of purchase. Any returns received by us outside of such 45-day window will be considered an “invalid return”. We may, in our sole discretion, re-deliver (at your sole cost and expense) or dispose of the art subject to an invalid return if not reclaimed by you within thirty (30) days from your invalid return.

At-will return shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.  All international orders may be subject to import duties and taxes assessed by local governments and are due upon delivery. This is not included in the order total. All prices shown are in US dollars and are subject to currency exchange rates.

Contact us at to start your return

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