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Earthen is a sensuous collection of mixed media abstract paintings that capture the essence of the earth. Each canvas is carefully crafted to evoke the varied colors and textures of the natural world, from the rich hues of the soil to the subtle striations of stone and mineral.  These paintings are a celebration of the beauty and power of the natural world, and a reminder of our connection to the earth that sustains us. With their intricate layered details and composition, Earthen is a celebration of what we most often take for granted.

I will be launching a month-long solo exhibition of this exciting new series at Silver Street Studios in Houston, from October 14- November 22, 2023.  Silver Street Studios is part of the Sawyer Yards compound at 2000 Edwards Street in Houston.  Pull in the parking lot, and enter through door #4.  The building is open Monday to Saturday from 9-5, but I hope you can come to the show's opening reception on October 14th, from 5-8pm.  I'd love to see you there.

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